If I had a Million Dollars

If I had a Million Dollars
Yesterday, my oldest daughter Anneke worked diligently by my side in my studio. She asked me, possibly flippantly, "is there anything I can do mom?". Having her taught her basic wire working years ago...and being in a somewhat desperate state...I took the opportunity to say PLEAD, "yes please"!
Not only was she extremely helpful, it was so awesome to have her by my side. We laughed...we talked...we sang country music and Christmas carols...nice. She and I can be very alike, but also VERY different. When I am working, or diligent at any task for that matter, I don't talk much...AT ALL. She, very much like her father, has a lot of...shall we say verbal-isms? She talks non-stop! But I was entertained...most of the time!
The very best part of our 8 hours or so together was when she asked me what I would do with a MILLION DOLLARS!! Before I could answer she told me if SHE had a million dollars she would spend it on ME! Yes....seriously!
I said "really? What would you buy me?"
Her answer....
  • a new bigger studio, with lots of room to spread out - (so we could keep working together) and a separate space for your noisy tumbler.
  • any and all the fancy tools I could want and desire
  • an iPhone WITH a 2 year contract
  • an iPad (cause she rocks like that)
  • a ranch...complete with horses...so the two of us could ride.
  • and a trip to Tahiti (my dream vacation)
Now, is it me? Or is that pretty freakin awesome? Every second I have doubted myself as a mother, was erased in that single moment. I have an almost 14 year old that actually {gulp} LIKES me and enjoys spending time with me! I hope that is always true. That girl has my heart in every single way. I can't wait to see what she will accomplish with her incredibly talented life. Whatever it is...I'll be so proud. And I will take that million dollars. Love you Anneke! So don't mind me, I am just going to sit and enjoy this moment for awhile. And begin packing for my vacation. I love you Anneke!

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