In search of the perfect jeans a Big Star review for fashion tip Tuesday

In search of the perfect jeans a Big Star review for fashion tip Tuesday
I'll admit it, next to my slight boot problem, I have a denim issue. But we all do…don't we? Jean shopping rates right up there with bras and bathing suits. It can be torture. Terribly damaging to ones self esteem. A nightmare.
And then there's that whole price point thing. I HATE spending too much money on jeans. I see all these expensive jeans, and I wonder…and ponder…are they really better? What about style? Skinny. Baggy. Boyfriend. So.many.decisions.
Well I am here to tell you I ventured out of my norm for denim. Norm being Gap, Old Navy, Levi's and Target. I jumped away from my typical skinnies. I found a bit of a splurge item..on sale of course…many months ago…and I'm never going back. Big Star Joey Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans.

I had to really wear these jeans for a long time before I could say to you…yes, these are the ones. But guess what friend? They are.
They fit.
They give.
They work rolled or straight.
Boyfriend but not sloppy slouchy.
Great with flip flops and heels.
Perfect length.
Don't NEED a belt (that's huge).
Wash beautifully.

If you want ONE splurge item in your closet, buy something you will get lots of wear out of. Spending big bucks on heels or dresses doesn't do it for me…I LIVE in jeans. I work in jeans. I go out in jeans. Get the picture? Speaking of pictures. Here are my new fav jeans from Big Star.

I wore this outfit yesterday. Easy summer day. Can you believe the perfect length? Unheard of for a 5'10" girl. But if you are shorter, never fear, the roll up beautifully and worth hemming. I love the straight fit. Very slimming. These jeans come in different "distresses", is that a word? Choose how faded you want them! Personal side note…I have booty…it's not always easy to find jeans that actually fit booty - you booty girls know what I'm talking about!
And seriously…if you can pull of a yoga tree pose in your jeans, and they give that much…you KNOW they are comfortable.
** shirt: American Rag. / shoes: PayLess. / jewelry: my own silly! **
Dress them up a little with a pair of wedges. Add a slouchy sweater. And you are ready for cool nights, and dare I say…fall?
** shoes: TOMs. / sweater: GentleFawn. / jewelry: do we really need to continue covering this detail? **
Anneke calls this my Katniss look. Who am I to argue? Super casual. Perfect head-to-the -grocery, or….fight off radicals. Bow and arrow please?
** tank: H&M boots: some very bright teeny bop store in the mall (helpful I know) jacket: Nordstrom **
This might be the easiest outfit in the world to pull off. Simple drapey shirt and booties. It just doesn't get much better. Add some fabulous jewelry (I know a girl!) and you are ready for just about anything. Wait. Am I bowlegged?
** booties: ShoeMint. / shirt: GentleFawn. **
I cannot recommend these jeans more. I love them. No one asked me to say that. No one gave me a pair. Opinions are exclusively my own. That's the way I run my blog. I want you to have honest, heartfelt thoughts.
About Big Star: Originally established in 1974 as a European brand, Big Star USA™ is now owned, manufactured, and designed in Los Angeles, California, USA, by premier denim factory, Koos Manufacturing, Inc. The utilization of import and domestic fabrics combined with a state-of-the-art denim facility ensure a superior attention to detail with unparalleled consistency for a truly first-rate product. Modernized by eco-friendly treatments and original designs, Big Star USA provides youthful, trend and price conscious consumers with a vintage Americana apparel line. Big Star USA has had the longevity to last throughout the years with staple premier denim praised for a faultless fit and will continue to add statement fashion pieces that both captivate and deliver quality to the consumer for the coming seasons.

I bought my jeans on for $70.00 they don't have the Joey Slouchy pair right now, but maybe they will get more in? has a bunch of options for around $44 - that's a steal. Amazon sells them for $136. I KNOW that's a lot. I know it. But again…one splurge item?

They run true to size. And they give. I typically wear a 6 or 8…but in cheap jeans a 10. I bought a size 29 - I probably could have gone with a 28…but I do like them loose and low.

So there you go. I have tackled denim. And I won. Yay me. I'm rolling them up today…and a short sleeve basic tee and flip flops. That's it. Not sure on the whole rolling up jeans thing? I covered that here.

Now, humor me…which outfit is your favorite? Leave a comment. I'll love you forever.

Happy fashion tip Tuesday!



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