Is it possible to ever BE enough?

Is it possible to ever BE enough?
It seems to be one of those overused words in the English language.
We hear it ALL the time.
enough definition Confession.
I say it all the time. I think about it all the time. I worry, yes, I worry about it.


  • Do we have enough money in the bank? Is there enough food to eat? Will I have enough gas to get to across town? Is there enough milk for cereal?
  • Did I sell enough? {gulp}
  • Was I enough of an attentive mom? {double gulp}
  • Will I enough? {choking}
Enough seems to run through my head constantly. Like some stupid measuring stick. Except, really, who am I measuring myself against? Am I playing a comparison game? Because if so, I fail EVERY single time.
There will never be enough money, or food or gas or milk. We will always run short. Unless I get a cow, but since I live in the city, and they frown on the whole idea of "bessie" roaming through neighborhoods, I highly doubt that will happen. I digress.
The big question, the one I can only answer for myself is "am I enough"? And really, by the worlds standards...better yet, by my own skewed measuring stick...I will never be.
How depressing. How futile. How worthless.
But that is not the end.
I have hope. For me personally? I believe someone else thinks I'm enough. Why? Because he is enough.
I don't know what you believe in. I don't know what your "religious faith" life is. But I know...for me...knowing that I have a God that loves me, who IS enough, helps me to face my inadequacies. It does not give me an excuse to be a slacker. What it gives me is someone to lean on when my "enough" tank is thoroughly empty. And being very visual, I needed a tactile reminder I could see. I wear this everyday.
enough bracelet
Maybe you need just need to be reminded that you are enough. You are so uniquely you. Perfectly be who you are...where you are.
Take a deep breath.

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