It's time to do some box crushing.

Boxes. You know those rectangular spaces with harsh corners and jagged edges that we continually try to cram ideas and people into? Ever notice boxes are not "one size fits all"?

Let's put it this way. Have you ever realized that "things" are not always the way they seem. And maybe, just maybe you don't know the whole story. Because truly you don't have a glimpse behind the scenes.

when we stop trying to cram others into the boxes we have created and instead extend grace

When is the last time you actually asked someone their story? And then listened. Not because you had to. But because you wanted to.

When is the last time you didn't sit in judgement over his horrid attitude, but instead, wondered "what's going on in her life?".

When is the last time you remembered other people are human too?


Instead. We judge. We assume. We think we know.

Stop. Just stop.

There is enough hate and evil in the world. Stop trying to make others fit in the boxes you have created with your upbringing...your religion...your friends. Boxes. Can be burned and crushed and dissolved....if we let them.

Isn't it time?

Isn't it time you gave to others the same kind of grace you crave for yourself. Or...the same kind of grace that you believe has been given to you?

Other people count. You may not like all of them. That's ok. But they matter to someone and they deserve your grace. There is ALWAYS more to the story.

Take time to love. Take time to step OVER the box and instead reach out a hand. Take time to wonder if maybe...just maybe...there is something behind that sadness. That anger. That fear.

And if you really want to make a difference. Ask them their story. You will be the one who stands in benefit. It's a beautiful thing.

The time has come. Crush the boxes.


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