Let's hear it for the boys Fashion Rules for Guys the do's and don'ts of style

Let's hear it for the boys Fashion Rules for Guys the do's and don'ts of style
This one is for the guys. The men. The studs in our lives. I know you boys feel neglected sometimes. I know you really don't care about makeup and women's fashion…but yet you keep coming back! Such dedication! Well, now it's time you were rewarded. Let's focus on you and some simple do's and don'ts.

Guys fashion is much less complex than the girls. Not basic. Just more classic. Less changing. If you stick with a few rules and know when it's time to throw out your pleated pants circa a long time ago because they add 15 pounds and 15 years…you're golden. Men's fashion is about a few essential pieces and some know how. Shall we proceed?
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A pair of jeans that fit right. Slim through the thigh and straight or a slight taper through the knee. Buy your waist size please. If you think they need to be tighter…they don't. Just sayin. Slim is good. Skinny is not. Know the difference.

Dress pants. Flat front. Fit your rear. A slight break below the knee. And the correct length. No flood waters…and no dragging at your heel.

Dress shirts. Button down shirts need to fit your neck. If you feel constricted…you probably are. And we think you look like you're going to explode. Your sleeves need to be long enough and not too long. Your cuff should hit at where your thumb and wrist meet.

Undershirt / Tee shirt. IF you are wearing a crew neck undershirt under your button down…go for a color so it looks "on purpose" not WHITE otherwise you look like you just left the gym.

A denim shirt with dress pants? So good.

The belt. If your dad wants to borrow it…or you borrowed it from him? Probably not cool. Find one with a bit of stitching…that immediately makes it more modern - this one from Tommy Hilfiger LOVE! Little tip…match your belt to your shoes - doesn't have to be exact…just brown to brown. Black to black. Capice?
The watch. So you don't need one - I get it. But they are so cool. Ok. Not digital. Please. Really? You don't still wear one of those, do you? Something sporty. Cool watch band. Not too over sized. Have you seen the new swatches? Oh my word. Awesome.

Back to t-shirts. Weekend wear. Work at home. Super casual office. Yes. White? No. Tight? No! Pick the right fit and a nice color….grey and black are perfect…not a color per se…but you get the idea. Long sleeve tshirt? Yes…again if it's not too tight. Otherwise you start getting the "look at my muscles" look and seriously? That's a complete turn off.

Casual jacket. Denim. Leather. Military. The key here is don't buy one that's too big. Try one size down from your normal buy. Trust me.

Shoes. It always comes down to the shoes. This is the one place you can have fun! This is the one place your style can really show. I have so many options to show you…but that's for another day. We will call it "shoe day". How's that? If you need shoe help like RIGHT NOW…go buy a pair of Clarks Desert boots. The ONE shoe you should have. Clarks are the original…they are plenty of copies out there…find one you like. Just.find.one.

Jewelry. I know I know I'm a jeweler…it's what I do. But what I recommend is this. If you are married…wear a wedding ring. Wear it loud and proud. Don't like the one you have…get a new one. I can help with that! Extra jewelry. If I had to send you to ONE piece of jewelry I make for guys…this is it. It's simple. Understated. Modern. Cool. I love it. There…I'm done.

Some NO's.
  1. No pleats. We've already discussed.
  2. No trainers/sneakers/tennis shoes with jeans.
  3. Stay away from too many colors or too many patterns. Leave that for the ladies.
  4. Make sure your pants aren't too long…or too short. We can tell.
  5. Tee shirts that are too baggy or too tight or that you owned in high school.
  6. NO WHITE SOCKS. Like ever. Unless you are working out. Whew. I feel better.
  7. Shorts in the winter. Unless you're in college, then we know your stupid and your brain is still not developed. Otherwise you just look like it.
  8. Please don't pop your collar. Please. I mean, like ever.
  9. Don't tuck in casual shirts and polo's. Just don't.
  10. Don't untuck dress shirts. Tip. if the hemline is curved it works to stay out. If it's straight it's meant to be tucked…or you look like you are wearing a dress.
  11. The deep v-neck is NOT a trend. STAY.AWAY. Crew neck is always best.
There you go. Some simple tips to get you started. Where to shop? I love Kohl's…just because they have a great selection. Nice basics. And everything is always on sale. American Eagle is also a fav. Stay away from the too young stuff unless you are in fact…young. Otherwise, major department stores are great because you can find your section. Young. More mature :) Jeans. Excellent shoe choices.

Happy shopping guys. And trust me….someone will notice. Now go get dressed and take her out.


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