Mat Kearney’s Young Love Album a review

Mat Kearney’s Young Love Album a review
Music is such an important part of who I am. Nothing speaks to my soul in the way a sweet melody, or funky tune can.
Music is also an integral part of my creative time in the studio. I know that might seem silly, but the right music can make it or break it for me. You might think I like the same style of music...did you really think I was that easy to figure out? Geesh people! I love EVERYthing...and I mean EVERYTHING.
Opera to 80's.
Funky dance music to classical.
Folksy to hard rock.
So when the opportunity came up to review Mat Kearney's new album Young Love I jumped. Music? A review. Perfect. I knew of Mat and was somewhat familiar with his music, but I hadn't really listened to him with a "keen" ear. So I downloaded the files and gave him a listen... first at the computer. I knew Young Love had been released and that it had debuted at #1 on the iTunes album and rock charts...but that typically does NOT impact any of my personal taste. { Can you say "music snob"? }
Honestly, I didn't care for the opening track. It was kind of a downer. But then it picked up. Then I found myself toe tapping. Smiling even {gasp}.
He passed test one. So I took him to the studio. If I can create to this man he's all that and a bag of chips. I put him on shuffle and repeat, and for a very long time Mat serenaded me while I worked. And....I liked it. I also really like his song Runaway from the movie Soul Surfer, it's not on THIS album, but such a great tune from such a great's a tiny preview...
Want to learn more about Mat Kearney? You can pretty much find him all over! His website. Facebook. Twitter. And of course, YouTube. You can also buy his album on iTunes for only $ case you wanted to know!
I can honestly say Mat will stay in my playlists for a good long time, and I highly recommend you check him out for yourself. See what you think. I know you won't be disappointed!
Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be in the studio finishing my paintings for ArtPrize - less than two weeks away. Yup, panic is setting in!
and don't forget...
BE creative!
~ lisa

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