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Mother's Day has proved to be a very busy, productive holiday for me. I have successfully created 20 Mother's bracelets to be gifts to 20 special mom's! My kids of course wonder why I am working so frantically, and I keep reminding them it's Mother's Day on Sunday. We shall see if anyone remembers me!

But as I contemplate all that mothering has meant to me, I'm also reminded of the huge commitment my mother has made to myself and 4 other siblings. I think it's always easy to be critical of our mother's, especially when it comes to the way they parented us. But when my kids are my age, do I want them to do the same to me? Of course not. I want them to be able to look back and say "she did the best she could, and she always loved me no matter what". I realize not everyone can say that about their mom's, and in that fact alone I need to be thankful for the mom I have.

So as we approach Mother's Day weekend, not only am I incredibly blessed to be the mom to 4 of the greatest kids in the world...I am blessed to have a mother that has loved me through so much. I wasn't a model child and she loved me anyway!!

I just want all you mom's out there to think about the little things you do each day...the thankless things. Those same things your mom did for you...maybe not the way you would do it, and maybe not as well...but she did them. So take a minute to reflect on the little things, and maybe, just maybe tell your mom 'thanks'!

Things like:

  • - giving you baths as a baby
  • - changing your diaper
  • - keeping you warm
  • - teaching you to say 'mama' and 'daddy'
  • - catching you when you fell
  • - putting band aids on
  • - tying your shoes
  • - taking you to the beach
  • - washing your face
  • - making sure you had your shots
  • - telling you to bundle up, and "where a hat"
  • - doing your laundry
  • - making your lunch
  • - making your dinner
  • - grocery shopping
  • - going to parent teacher conferences
  • - making sure you got on the bus on time
  • - making sure you had money for milk
  • - changing out your clothes seasonally in your closet
  • - buying toilet paper
  • - cleaning the toilet
  • - feeding your dog
  • - loving your dog
  • - making your bed

These are just a few examples of things I'm sure your mom did for you. So no matter what your relationship with her is right now, I just want you to encourage you to tell her thanks...tell her you appreciate what she has done for you. Don't go another Mother's Day without letting her may never have another chance!

To all you mom's out there....YOU ROCK! Happy Mother's Day!


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