moving moving moving. our journey.

moving moving moving. our journey.
Moving is stressful...for everyone. Moving three times in less than a year? Well, that's just stupid!
This past week we became home owners again...finally! I can't even tell you how much joy fills my heart! What a journey!!
The quick story for those of you who may not know.
(for those who have heard it all before, feel free to scroll down to see the pretty pictures!)
Last July began discussions of a job change for my husband, meaning a move from Michigan to Indiana. By the time it was all settled we had one week to move. Schools had already been in session here for 3 weeks! We told the kids pack for a three month stay in a very TINY rental. Three months. By then we will have found a home.
Tick tock. Tick tock. Time passes.
The home in Michigan finally sold in the beginning of this year. Of course we had never really packed up that home, since we had moved for our temporary three months. Ahem. Parenting fail.
The Michigan home was packed up by my husband and friends and EVERYTHING...and I mean EVERYTHING was taken to two giant storage units!
June 2013.
"Um honey".
"So, our landlord sold the rental."
"We need to be out in 3 days."
Have mercy.
Find a new rental...STAT. Move all our belongings AGAIN.
Fast forward 6 weeks. We closed on our REAL home. ALL ours! Sweet relief.
moving is hard on a family. what I have learned?
We started moving last week and today we empty the storage units. Let's just say the Salvation Army is going to love us. Because about 50% of our "stuff" is headed their way!
What have we learned?
  • A home does not make a family.
  • I can live with so much less.
  • My security does not come from where I live.
  • I really hate plastic utensils.
  • Real glass would be nice.
  • We don't NEED Internet in the house for 6 weeks.
  • Eating out is highly overrated.
  • Being in close quarters may make for a lot of grumbling...but it also pulls you together.
  • Central air conditioning is definitely a blessing.
  • You can cook without lids for your pans.
  • God is faithful. His timing is odd. But He is faithful.
All that to say....
Welcome home Lehmann family.
Welcome home.
moving is hard on a family. this is what I have learned.

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