My favorite Holiday Tradition

My favorite Holiday Tradition
That word ALWAYS reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof. ALWAYS. (Some of you have no idea what I'm speaking of. Google it! or just click here! Do it!)
I think musicals just live in my head. Had I been differently gifted? It would have been Broadway for me!
Seriously though.
Traditions are HUGE.
It's what brings a smile to our face when we think about our past. It's the things we do that we really have no idea why, except that "grandma did it". It's what we pass down to our own wee ones.
As parents, you do things for your kids. Sometimes I didn't even realize that what I had done had became a tradition for them. They truly thrive on those type of memories. I adore that!
One tradition that began very early on was New Years Day stockings. It didn't start out as "let's make a tradition"…it was more of, "geesh, they don't need any more "stuff" today! Let's wait on stockings!"
New Years morning is a bit more relaxed than Christmas. Perfect for truly enjoying the little gifts packed in those stockings! And they are packed. I buy stocking stuffers year round. I'll admit, sometimes I forget what I bought and things get misplaced. But my intentions are good! And eventually they show up!
These stuffers range from nail stickers, to mini games, to funny socks. Each item is carefully wrapped in tissue paper to prolong the process. I'm sneaky like that! And it makes for an awesome mess!
The kids look forward to this every year. It has even been said, it's their favorite part of Christmas!
Even the doggies have their own stockings. And THAT is truly hilarious to see! Noses digging for treats hidden deep down inside!
I would have to say this is my "hands down" favorite family tradition, and I truly hope my kids pass it on! I guess what I love about New Years Day stockings, is that it's more relaxed. It's fun. There is a lot of giggling. There is a lot of interest in each others gifts. It's a slow, drawn out, relaxed morning with family. And because it's little things - except the vacuum! - it's NOT about how much was spent. It's about clever little things that cost very little, but I took the time to choose FOR them and then wrap up. It's the essence of family. And that is what I love!
How about you? What's your favorite Christmas season tradition?
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