My favorite quotes

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on September 14 2016

I'm all about the power of words. Language. Quotes. I love how a good sentence can move me. Make me feel. Encourage me. I pin. Big surprise. In fact I have been pinning since 2011! Seriously. One thing I pin a great deal are quotes. I'll sit at my desk in the morning perusing pinterest and it's the quotes that get me...every single time.

I love how a good sentence can move me.

I thought I would share them with you. Because, you're my favorites and stuff. Do you have some of your own personal favorites? I'd love love love to know. Quotes are my jam. much love, lisa quote. fire in her soul and grace in her heart. YES! quote. yes! yes! yes! all truth. quote. i struggle with this one too often. quote. thank you cinderella! quote. wait. stop looking at my butt. quote. i really am an artist. i know it. quote. i want this magic.

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