My Favorite Things - tea

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on March 07 2012

Warm cup in my hands. Steam rising softly. Pungent aroma of herbs.

What is it? It's my therapy. It's my escape. Hot tea.

I have always adored a nice cup of tea. But since giving up caffeine a few weeks ago, I have turned to tea more and more.

There is something so soothing about sitting down with a cup of tea. You pick up the cup, the warmth envelopes you, your eyes close and you breathe in deeply. THAT moment to me is pure magic.

One of my favs lately are teas from Adagio. They are fresh. Interesting. And incredibly wonderful. This is just a small assortment of the decaf teas they offer...

If you are interested in trying their tea, I have a few $5 gift certificates to give away. Leave a comment below with your email and I will send you one!

Now sit back, relax and let's sip tea together. Shall we?


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