My Obsession with Boots and WHY I have been missing

My Obsession with Boots and WHY I have been missing
Do you ever have that feeling that maybe you have too many things going at one time?
Do you ever wonder which one will have to go?
Do you ever say to yourself, I promise I will never over commit like this again!
Me too. Means nothing right?
harness boots by Frye
Frye Harness Boots. My special friends.
ArtPrize has me so busy there is no free time at all. As for blogging I don't have anything to thoughts are even all mumbo jumbo.
I do have cute boots. And I think I might have a little obsession with boots in general. But admitting it is a good thing right? {wink }
old favorite boots
My boot obsession began many years ago with these beauties above. They caught my eye across the crowded showroom floor, and I had to try them on...just for know. As a new mother I never thought I would wear them, but I decided to gift myself for a change. And do you know what? These boots have been my standby for almost 9 years. So not kidding. I love them. Then I began to notice boots. Think about boots. Design outfits with boots in mind. A high heeled pair of black boots was added into the mix shortly thereafter, sadly those didn't make it last winter. {sigh}
boot boxes
Then I fell in love with Frye boots. They're so, so, so, western! I love them. I thought I'd start out simple. A pair of campus boots. Jeans. Skirts. Dresses. Simple. Unadorned. Multi tasking boots, I liked that.
campus boots by Frye
But...then I was hooked on Frye. I had to have a pair of campus boots. I looked at them. I cut pictures out of them. I left every hint imaginable about them. These were boots to be reckoned with. These boots had attitude! And guess what? Christmas morning many moons ago they appeared under the tree, and I was giddy! Really. babies) It was then that I really felt that true joy of boot ownership. The smell. The fit. Oh my. Those babies, as seen at the top of this post, have been EVERYWHERE! Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Dakota. On horses. Through mud. EVERYWHERE. But with gentle care and new heels, they just get better with age. I'd love to tell you the obsession stopped there. I'd love to say I've matured and moved on. But then I'd be lying and you wouldn't love me anymore! I can't help it. It's the styles. They keep changing. And the leather. It calls to me. No really...I hear voices. The over the knee style got me to me. Cute slouchy ones with fringe. Black ones with buckles. Then these brown ones that came up so nice and high. knee high bootsThis is my birthday month. And with a birthday month comes birthday money. And just so you don't think I'm spoiled and/or narcissistic. I often use my birthday money on gifts for my children. But this year, I decided I wanted needed cowboy boots. Confession. I have this other problem. I'm kinda cheap. All the boots I love are uber expensive. I mean ridiculously priced. So I set this price in my mind that I was willing to pay, and "stashed the cash!" Also, do to my Pinterest problem (I'm beginning to think I just need a therapist!), I had found many pairs of boots that were perfect. Like a lot of them. I pin them all the time. But NONE of them fit the price range. "Be patient beadgirl", I said to myself. (great, now I'm talking to myself!) Long story short, I went to Millbrook Tack with my daughter last week so she could get horsey stuff. I casually walked through the boot section. There.They.Were. *angel voices* They were exactly what I was looking for. With sweaty palms I slipped them on, an took a step. Oh joy of my heart. Another step. Too perfect. Moment of truth....*check price tag* They were only slightly more then I had planned on spending. Ugh. What to do? I decided to walk around the store "and think about it". I was then told they was going to be a store wide sale in two weeks for 20% off everything. Again *angel voices*. I put them on layaway. (Very responsible of me) Went back last week. And I had money to spare. And now these Durango's are mine all mine. Do you like them? my DurangosWhat does this have to do with my absence from blogging and ArtPrize? Well, nothing really. Except. I have worn my boots EVERY day while I'm working in my gallery space. That counts right? So, what is your "thang"? What makes you giddy and excited? What fashion item can you just not live without? Come on. Spill it. This is a safe place. I'm practically a therapist! LOL! Have a great weekend...and don't forget... BE creative! ~ lisa

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