My San Francisco adventure continues

My San Francisco adventure continues
Amazed. That is what best describes my experience.
I've been away from my family for NINE days. 9. That's about 216 hours. 12960 minutes. 777600 seconds.
No matter how you put it. It's a very long time. And I miss them. I have NEVER been gone this amount of's crazy!
But what an opportunity.
Studying and learning and advancing my craft and making myself into a true goldsmith. It's a bit overwhelming.
My latest accomplishment involved a little bit of weaving! An almost "crocheted" chain soldered into a tube clasp...that I MADE! I'm even proud of me!
Although my heart is aching for the ones I brain is bursting with knowledge and ideas! And can we just talk about the FOOD in San Fran? Oh my's so yummy!
Thanks for sticking with me. We will get back on our regular "blogging track" very soon!

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