our most loved design the men's cuff

our most loved design the men's cuff
It was years ago actually. I had newly discovered metalsmithing. I was passionate about my hammer, and still dating my torch. I wanted to make something for my husband. But as many of us know, guys and jewelry. It's a tough combo. What will he like? What will he wear? I started playing with the metal. I also had a newly purchased set of metal stamps. I could actually put a message in the metal! To completely date myself...hardly anyone was stamping at this time. It was still very new. I know...right? You can hardly imagine!

They are the velveteen rabbit of bracelets.

The men's cuff was born. mens bracelet - a personalized leather and silver cuff bracelet for him. I wish I had a photo of the very first men's cuff. I wish I had photos of all the design stages in between. It immediately became so popular I kept redesigning. Better clasp. Better connectors. In the very beginning, you could ask me to stamp ANYthing and I would. Then I realized there needed to be a uniform size. Years ago my leather supplier said they were discontinuing the leather I used for my cuffs. What did we do? Contact every distributor around the country and buy all they had. For a while, we were drowning in leather. Now, not so much. What happens when it runs out? I'll cross that bridge! Why do I tell you this story? Because I checked my stats yesterday on this design. How many have I actually created? Well, my current banking software doesn't go all the way back to the beginning, but from when I was recording the count is at 1,200. 1,200 personalized gifts! 1,200 men's cuff bracelets. And as amazing as that is. That's not the best part. The best part is the feedback. The stories. How their guy LOVED it. How he never takes it off. And then, years later I get the message - he actually loved it apart can you add new leather. And I do. I love when I get them back in the mail. Leather falling apart. Scratches. Dents. LOVED. They are truly the velveteen rabbit of bracelets. And it makes my heart happy. In the years in between, I have created many designs. Retired many designs. But this piece? This is near and dear to my heart. The design has been stolen, copied and reproduced by many other "artists". I try not to get discouraged, but have you met me? That ridiculous moody artist's temperament I have...never fails. If you are looking for the perfect gift for you guy - I have an idea. Let me partner with you with something he is guaranteed to love. I've even added a medical alert version - if you have to wear something, you should love it. xooxoxoxo, lisa

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