Ribbon Hair Tie Obsession my new favorite thing

Ribbon Hair Tie Obsession my new favorite thing
Maybe you don't like to tie your hair back. Maybe you have short hair. Maybe you just hate gettting all knotted up an elastic. Then this post is not for you.
But for any of you, like me, who at most moments in the day cannot STAND, your hair in your face. These are for you.
First arrived in my Birchbox last year, I was skeptical. I have big, thick, curly hair. Nothing ever fits my hair well, or stays in. And if it does stay in it leaves a dent. Hate the dent.
Twistbands. Colorful. Snag-free. Very soft. No creases. And again, if you are like me, or you have daughters that use hair ties, they inevitably end of on our wrists for part of the day. And these, well these look cute? They almost blend in with my multiple bracelets as a nice pop of color. You only wish I was kidding! (bet you can't even tell WHAT is the hair tie!)
I just really like these. They are a bit more pricey then regular hair ties but I think they are worth it. And I find I am less likely to just leave them around..and I really do wear them on my wrists!! If you have used these before let me know. If you have another amazing hair "decor" idea I need to know about, please leave a comment. And if you are interested in being a part of my fashion maven list and have input on my fashion posts, enter below. I have a great summer planned!! Here's to happy hair! xooxoxoxoxo lisa

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