Feathers and their significance

Feathers. Recently I was reminded of just how significant feathers are in my life. They show up in my jewelry often. I have one tattooed behind my ear. A feather. It seems so simple really, something from a bird. It's plumage. It's beauty. But what a feather means to people is completely different. Whether you are Native American, Celtic, or Egyptian. Whether a feather shows up in your dreams or in front of you on a path. Feathers. Something so simple yet so symbolic. My faith is a huge part of my life. MY faith. MY beliefs. MY standards. I'm not pressing them on you, but to me it's the core of who I am. Lately, my family has found ourselves struggling. Trying to do what is right. Trying to be true to who we are. It's at these times we rely so heavily on our faith. When everything else is stripped away it's what upholds us, keeps us going. Then there is my feather. The reason I wanted it on my skin forever is so that in times like this I will constantly be reminded of the Bible verse from Psalm 91.4. It says, He shall cover you with His feathers,
And under His wings you shall take refuge. feather, feather-tattoo, feather-ink, tattoo, psalm91, feathers That is the significance...for me. And right now it means everything. When I create a feather in metal I breathe as much life into as I possibly can. When that feather comes into your ownership it takes on the significance you want it to have. But know that I am not JUST making jewelry, I'm creating something with meaning...for you. My latest feather is simple. Copper. Fired. It is suspended from a long chain and is accented with a tiny blue gemstone. Today I want to give one away. I want to share my feather with one of you.
feather, jewelry, pendant, feather necklace, psalm 91, feathers copper feather on chain
Just leave a comment about what a feather means to you and I'll randomly select someone on Sunday to be the guardian of my feather. I love you all. Thanks for hearing my heart and sharing in my story. xoxoxox lisa

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