A skin care product that actually works Exposed Skin Care review

A skin care product that actually works Exposed Skin Care review

Seems like everyone is either talking skin care or promoting skin care or wanting to know the best skin care.

It's funny. In our youth our skin is perfection. I always used my prepubescent girls for jewelry modeling photos because their skin was so amazing! Then enter puberty and {gasp} acne. Of course there is the "I need a tan" conversation where you try to convince your teenage daughter she will in fact regret tanning herself. But they don't listen. They never listen. But, hey, I didn't listen either. Even though "back in the day" we didn't know how bad sun exposure was for our skin. I digress.

With four kids 20 and under I have been through enough skin "issues". We have tried MANY skin care products. We have tried medical grade creams. Even oral meds. Somethings work. Somethings don't. I still believe a lot is just genetics and you have to wait it out.

exposed skin care review

Walk into the picture teenager number 3. She has my skin for the most part. She doesn't really know acne for the most part aside from the occasional breakout. However, when there is THAT breakout, she wants it gone immediately. So basically she has what we might call "good skin". Not too oily. A bit sensitive. And a zit or two every few weeks. Exposed Skin Care approached me about trying their products. Isabel was the child at hand therefore she became the "victim".

First, I was totally impressed with their claims - I know, I know everyone has "claims", but I'm also extremely trusting - do NOT read gullible! What makes Exposed stand out is that "our products are FDA approved to help clear up your skin but also pack in a lot of soothing natural ingredients while leaving out all the bad ingredients like sulfates and parabens." Sure I said, send the goodies. We will put them to the honest test.

Packaging. I'm a sucker for packaging. It was gorgeous.

But does the product work? Yes. At first she experienced some redness - which was expected according to Exposed. But then smooth sailing. She loves it. RARE breakouts. No sensitive skin reactions. And very beautiful skin. Or shall I say more beautiful than before? I have to make sure I use my words correctly. You know. Teenagers.

Our life was quite chaotic when the kit first arrived. We moved to a new state and had all sorts of "new". Eventually she ran out of the product and she literally begged me to get more. Exposed was gracious to give me time on writing a review and we were able to get a new box of skin care!

What I can say is that Isabel truly loves Exposed Skin Care. I always promise honest reviews and stand behind what I write. She loves how easy it is to use. She loves the variety of product beyond just face wash and lotion in the kit. And...most importantly...she says it works. No more acne breakouts at all. To me? That's the golden seal. Still not convinced? I get it. Check out online reviews. Yes, they sent out a lot of product for people to test. But they asked for an honest review. I think that's what they got!

Downside? It's pricey. For sure. But most acne care is. Also, no 100% guarantee that it will work. But seriously. Where can you get 100% satisfaction guarantee, except...say...CHOCOLATE!

We will definitely reorder. We will definitely keep using.

I love that there is science behind it. Of course, I'm not a science girl. But there is science...so that counts right? They use natural ingredients that are designed to clean pores and renew irritated skin. All the ingredients included in the formulation have already been pre-approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been marked safe for human use. I think safe for human use is pretty important. Here is a pretty graphic :)

Exposed Skin Care an honest review

There are several kits available for purchase on their website. Click HERE. I don't get any kickback from purchases...just giving an honest review! We received the Expanded Kit which included Facial Cleanser - Clearing Tonic - Acne Treatment Serum (when breakouts happen) - Clear Pore Serum and a Derm-X Cloth. You can purchase items individually, but I think to get yourself or your kiddo started a kit is the way to go. Purchase directly from their site www.exposedskincare.com. There are 3 packages with discounts - like I said, we used the Expanded Kit. (And if you use ebates...like you totally should...they have 5% cash back with purchase. NO EBATES?? Good grief friend...click here ----> HERE)

1) 5-Piece Basic Kit was $85.00 - now only $49.95 (40% off)

2) 6-Piece Expanded Kit was $120.00 - now only $59.95 (50% off)

3) 9-Piece Ultimate Kit was $204.00 - now only $94.95 (53% off)

They also have several tips and tricks on their website, as well as a handy dandy video...you know...in case you need a visual on how to wash your face! :)

Let me know if you decide to give this skin care product a try and what you think. Like I've said, I rarely take product to do reviews, and I always say I will not promote it if I don't like it. I'm not in this game for that. I just want to find good "stuff" and share it with you! Cause you know, I kinda like you. Much much love and happy skin x's and o's, lisa

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