Stone Setting behind the scenes

Stone Setting behind the scenes
As a goldsmith I do a lot of stone setting in my work. Some days it goes well. Some days it's a challenge. But. The result is beautiful ALL the time. What is interesting is how we all take for granted our skill set. We forget that everyone else doesn't live in our micro world! Since I started Snapchatting behind the scenes looks into my studio I have had great response. Y'all love seeing the mess behind the finished product. Who knew? (It's those crazy filters you love...admit it!) I thought I'd show you the tools and a bit of what goes into flush setting a teeny tiny diamond! It's a quite a bit of steps. A great deal of focus. And often stressful! Those diamonds have a funny way of bouncing off my bench and into oblivion! Elves. Fairly sure they lie in wait for the occasional bouncing stone! I've also added the link for super fast speed stone setting video I created last year! Enjoy! And, if you are so inclined, I'm having a blast on Snapchat {{sorry teenagers}}. It's fun showing you my very relaxed sometimes crazy studio life. Give me a follow if you are so inclined! stone setting - how to flush set a diamond and the fast track movie...just for fun! enjoy! xoxoxoxo, lisa

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