The Birthday Present

As a mother of four young children...yes I did in fact say 4...we are endlessly invited to birthday parties. They love to go...and I love to have them go (did I just say that outloud?) The difficulty? What kind of gift to bring. I have a little advantage...I make jewelry so I have often given that as a gift. But even that gets old...especially the "next" year! :) Last week I had a moment of brilliance. My youngest was invited to her BFF's party and we wanted to do something different. So we made her friend an ALL ABOUT YOU book. was AWESOME, and extremely appreciated. So here is what you do. 1. Make the cover - a simple Happy Birthday so and so message. You can type this in any word processing software. 2. Pick something the birthday person really likes. Our page, Jaeda loves dogs! Then do a Google image search for pics to paste into the page. 3. Another page about something the birthday person is "into". Our page, Jaeda is all about FASHION! Another Google image search and then if you're really savvy - you can paste her and your child's face into the pics. We did this...she thought it was awesome! 4. Next page - things the "friends" like to do together. My daughter loved picking out these ideas and finding pics to go with her ideas! 5. We added a personal letter from my daughter...and of course made it pretty! 6. This next page was super fun. We went to DiscoveryEducation and made a Word Search. You choose the words you want and how large. 7. Last page we made coupons for her friend to use in the future. A mini golf game, a picnic, a sleepover, a trip to a playground! We made a pocket page out of scrapbook paper and inserted the coupons in there. 8. Lastly, mount each page on colored scrapbook paper. Three hole punch the paper and use a pretty yarn or string to bind it together. This is truly a special, thoughtful gift your child's friend will treasure FOREVER!

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