The one shoe you MUST buy for fall and winter it's bootie time

The one shoe you MUST buy for fall and winter it's bootie time
Let's face it. Most of us don't have a ton of discretionary income to just go out and buy whatever we want, when we want it. Really, how many do? And if you happen to be a parent…you know you are at the bottom of the list when it comes to NEW. Why do they have to keep growing?

But sometimes…one new addition to your wardrobe…one item that transcends…one little fashion boost…can make all the difference in the world.

Boots. More specifically…booties. Because as difficult as it is for me to fathom, not everyone has the same affinity for those luscious leather calf wrappers. But booties? These work for everyone. Hey! I saw that smirk of doubt! Stick with me!
Assuming you have jeans and a cute sweater or two. Assuming you even have a dress or a skirt. Maybe even leggings. Ok…I KNOW you have jeans. These can transform and ordinary trip to the glamorous grocery store…to an extraordinary adventure! You don't believe me? Girl…it's all in the attitude. And dude…if you are reading this…I have shoes for you too, just not today…k?

Here's the bootie beauty…not to be confused with booty beauty…that's an entirely different post! Booties come in a plethora of options. Flat. Heels. Open toes. Fringe. Leather. Suede. Black. Brown. Red. Blue. Do you see where I'm going here? You WILL find a pair you need…and in your budget.

Questions I always hear? I don't know what to wear them with! Am I too old? Fear not my friend…I've got you. I'll show you how. But that's for another week. Let's not get ahead of ourselves! And as for age? SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE! Fashion is timeless. It's what makes YOU feel good. If you like them. Buy them. There are only a few fashion faux pas when it comes to age…and pretty much they revolve around mini skirts and crop tops. And if you were at TypeA with me last week…it was a costume party people!! Geesh.

Back on track.

First, let me show you the TWO pairs I have for fall. Don't judge. I needed two pairs for the sake of example. Harsh people. Harsh. Then I'll show you a few options that I think will fit your style and budget.

Treat yourself to one thing this season that you will wear until flip flops once again don our exquisitely painted toes…booties. {basically I just like to say and type the word bootie…I pretty much giggle like a 9 year old boy every time}

First are the Azaria from Brown. Buckles. Fantastic. I've worn them with jeans and a skirt. AND…they are comfortable! (see last weeks post for two of my outfits with these booties!) I also have this black pair - the Simone - again...from - LOVE them!

I know I talk about ShoeMint a lot..well, because they are awesome. It's basically a shoe club. You choose within the first 5 days of the month whether or not you need shoes that month. If yes, it's $79.95 - if no you just skip. I think over the last few years I have purchased 5 pairs of shoes from them - but a couple times I forgot to "skip the month" and was charged the $79.95…so I had credit :) You also earn points and discounts, and truly…the selection is amazing…and the shoes are very high quality - when I have purchased…they are total splurge item for me. If you are interested in joining, here is my referral link --- > click here.

I realize both of these have heels…I'm a heel girl. I can walk, and have even been know to run, in heels. THAT'S ME. I realize that's not normal for most. Thus the options below…you really are a tough crowd today!

1. Scarlett boot by American Eagle for Payless $34.99 (black or brown)
2. the Lina buckle bootie from Target - I LOVE these! $39.99 (black or brown)
3. Candies ankle boots from Kohl's - this color is gorgeous $29.99 (and Kohl's has SO many options it was hard to choose only one! And did I mention, Kohl's is ALWAYS having a sale!)
4. Moto boots from Old Navy - not exactly a bootie, but not a boot either and they are fantastic! To note…25% off today October 1 $39.94
This is just a springboard for you…and shoot…you have to go to Target anyway…just go try on a pair or two. I'll show you how to wear them next week. Until then, go back to my fashion post from last week…or even my favorite jeans post. Hold fast my friend…you can do this…and you WILL thank me.

Permission granted to go shopping. You just need to tell me which of my choices are your favorites…and what you choose for you! Pretty please? I like comments!

love you to pieces…me and my bootie,


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