the PERFECT leggings - fashion tip Tuesday

the PERFECT leggings - fashion tip Tuesday
Leggings. Or "leggins" as one of my daughters friends calls them.
I have spoken very openly about the fact that "leggings are not pants"…and they are not. But let's be honest. Stretchy cotton. Elastic waistband. What's not to love?
And I'll admit it. I LOVE wearing leggings. But along with certain style rules…the most important rule? "for Pete's sake girl, cover your crotch!" But other than that :) leggings can be extremely fashionable. At ALL ages.
That being said. Not all leggings are the same. Not by a long shot. I've tried cheap ones from Forever 21. No thank you. I've tried middle of the road ones from H&M - I look like a toddler wearing tights for the first time and then trying to play. Tug. Tug. Tug. Get the picture?
they looked cute…but they totally sagged!
But then. Then I found these. *angel voices*.
One of my favorite places to shop…online…is Nordstrom's. Amazing style. And when they have a sale? Sister, you best be at your keyboard. The deals I snagged this Christmas were EPIC! Including an awesome Northface for my man child! But this isn't about him…it's about ME and my "leggins".
I was clicking around for tights and ended up looking at one of my favorite brands…HUE. Lo and behold they had leggings. Wide waistband. Long. Thicker. Leggings. And…they were on sale. How could I NOT try them.
Let's just say now I have black, grey and brown. Shoot if they came in hot pink I'd probably wear them too!
Mid rise. Perfect.
Ultra wide waistband. Stays in place.
High end fabric. No skin showing through.
Long. Almost to my ankles…which is a big deal on my super long legs!
They fit like a perfect pair of skinny jeans. Without the restricting part. Seriously people… you will want to wear them every day - like this!
I bought two sizes to start. Large - because I always think I'm huge. And medium. Large was definitely large. And medium is perfect for me. Check the sizing chart!
These leggings are not cheap. You can buy cheap ones for $7-$12 at the teeny bopper store in the mall and hate them…as you should. Or…spend a little more - around $36 - and get what you pay for and be happy forever. Ok, that might be putting a bit too much weight on a piece of clothing…but you get the idea!
Nordstrom carries them as does Lord & Taylor (another fav). They aren't on sale right now…but keep watching. And even at full price…still worth it.
Not sure how to wear them? I mentioned some rules, and I will definitely post my favorite finds next week…but for now some rules.
  1. Cover thine crotch
  2. Wear long tops. Tunics. Long sweaters. Long button downs. Again…think LONG. Get it?
  3. Add boots. You can wear flats…but boots make them look more like real pants. Ah…the deception!
  4. With boots. Add boot socks or cuffs. We all know how much I adore these, right? You don't? Click here to read about my love of boot socks!
  5. Accessorize. Draw attention up? Scarves around your neck. Headbands. Earrings. Something.
  6. So you think you have big legs or you are too old? Phooey. Black is your friend. The end.
Next week we can cover more of the style aspect. But…for now. Just go buy the leggings. Trust me. You do right? I would never lead you astray…well, not on purpose!
Then leave a comment let me know what you bought and where!
love you to pieces,
boots from Wolverine Worldwide and CAT / boot socks from FreePeople

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