The Power of Friendship in your life

The Power of Friendship in your life
Do you have that ONE friend? Maybe you have many.
well hello chocolate
friend = chocolate
Me? I have a lot of acquaintances, but there are very few people I let in to "see" the real me. And even fewer that I confide in. I just don't "do" friendship easily. I'm cautious. I'm picky. I'm apprehensive. I realize those are not winning traits. I realize that I have probably missed out on meeting many wonderful women who would have enriched my life, if I hadn't been so stand-off-ish. But...I've been burned. That stand-off-ish-ness combined with my height also screams...aloof...or snob. I know it. I've seen it in your eyes. I hate it. But I also don't know how to beat it. It makes me sad. And I'm working on it. But it the meantime. I DO have a wonderful friends in my life. And I have one very special friend. She is my soul mate of women. She is like a sister. She is my BFF.
silly friends
She inspires me to do silly things, but she does them too!
How we came to friends is one of our funny stories that is brought up time and time again. Long story short, we were new to a church in a new state. She offered to babysit so my husband and I could go out and celebrate our anniversary. Forty minutes later, a lot of blood, a trip to the ER, and Mexican take out for dinner sealed the deal. And my middle daughter, Isabel, is forever indebted to Mrs. B. for dropping her on her head. Ok, maybe that's not really the way it happened. But this is my blog, and it's my story, and I'm sticking to it! For the last seven years we have lived three hours apart (which I hate) but our friendship hasn't weakened. Sure it's changed. We are both incredibly independent women and we can go weeks without texting or connecting on facebook. But that's ok. When we do get to see each other it is perfect.
south bend visit
Yes that's a ballroom. Yes we were dancing. Yes we asked someone to take our photo. But no, that really is NOT my uncle Studebaker.
We laugh - a lot. We share. We encourage. We listen to each other. I celebrate the accomplishments of her kids, and she mine. We eat chocolate and drink coffee. There is no envy. No jealousy. Our friendship is a gift. We acknowledge that. salted caramel coffee Deb and I don't require much from each other. That's our balance. That's our dance. We are both exceptionally busy women, and we respect that about one another. But if either one of us was in would only be a matter of hours until we were side by side. I'm a better person because of her. She inspires me. I have also laughed harder and done some of the down-right goofiest things....things I needed to do. Life's too short. The gift of friendship is so amazing. Our husbands, however wonderful they are, will never fill THAT part of us. They aren't made that way. We need, crave, and desire the kind of relationship only a girlfriend can fill. So who are your besties? Are you investing in their lives? This friendship thing does take work, which can be hard when you are busy running a business, or raising a family. But it's so worth it. Step out of your comfort zone and reach out to someone. Shoot, drop their kid, who knows? It might pay off? :) {{ just kidding Deb! I LOVE you }} These pictures are from our most recent rendezvous. We met in South Bend this weekend for Sunday brunch. It was short. It was sweet. My sides still hurt from laughing. Excuse our goofyness! Sidenote? She's gonna kill me for posting these pics! Tell me about your BFF - I would love to know what makes her - or him - awesome! xoxoxo, lisa

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