The problem with dogs ... a favorite thing post

The problem with dogs ... a favorite thing post
The problem with dogs is that they are, shall we say, "fuzzy"?
If you know me at all, you know I LOVE my furry girls. But by furry I am not exaggerating. Love the dogs - hate the hair.
Even though they are not allowed on the furniture, and even in some of our rooms. The hair ends up everywhere!And black clothes? Fuhgetaboutit! You matter how hard you WILL be a hairy mess when you leave the house. Some days I've even threatened to exchange them for poodles! But I think they know I never will!
Which brings me to my favorite thing. You may be thinking,
"Seriously? You have a favorite "pet thing?"
Yes, seriously, you will thank me for this. This tool is amazing. It doesn't get rid of their hair, but it certainly makes a difference. What is this tiny miracle? It's called a FURminator. It goes after the loose undercoat and decreases shedding up to 90% for 4-6 weeks. Best part? It works. Sunday I had had enough of my oldest golden's hair. It was every where! Thirty minutes later I'm pretty sure she had lost 10 pounds and looked amazing.
You just use it like a brush. See? She even likes it!
Look at the results from just one pass through!
And the results? You ready for this? Dude. THAT is a lot of hair, that would be in my house or on my clothes. Who's the smart mommy here? ME!
This is not a sponsored post. This is just me sharing something I love with you. If you have a shedding friend. This is your tool. I've even thought about running it through my unruly locks. Thought. Haven't done it. Yet! :) Happy de-shedding! xoxoxoxo lisa

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