Top 10 Things I Struggle With in Business

It's easy to always sound upbeat and "on". It's easy to promote what I do, how I make it etc.
What's NOT easy?
Being vulnerable. Allowing myself to be exposed. But if I don't share, if you think my business is uber successful and I never struggle, how does that help you as you venture out as an entrepreneur? How does that give you permission to say, "this is hard!"?
I am not looking for you to refute what I say, I'm not even going to explain WHY I feel like this. It's just my head, or more likely my heart...sometimes they get confused!
So here are my TOP TEN struggles in business...THIS week!
  1. I am not talented enough.
  2. Fear of failure.
  3. Fear of success.
  4. They won't read it...why bother?
  5. Comparison to others doing my same craft.
  6. I'll NEVER get it all done.
  7. What if no one will buy anything today?
  8. Distractions.
  9. Balance.
  10. What's next?
This is just what has gone through my head this morning. The challenge is not allowing them to define ME or my business. The challenge is eating an elephant one bite at a time.
For today? I blog. *crunch*
I hit "publish". *munch*
And I hope that someone will read it. *chomp*
I hope that someone will feel not alone in this big entrepreneurial world. *swallow*
I hope it resonates. *savor*
So, what shall I take a bite of next?
BE creative! ~ xo, lisa

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