Top five things to give a jeweler - aka What I Want For Christmas

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on November 10 2010

Do you know there are only 44 days left until Christmas? I knew you didn't. You were kind of aware, but you didn't REALLY know...admit it!

So I am compiling a list of great Christmas gifts, but I decided to help all of you that have jewelers for friends *I hope that's just me* Wait, did I just say that out loud?
Anyway, I couldn't help myself! So here are the top five things to buy your creative metal smith friend...aka ME!
1. An iPad
Predictable? Maybe. But this baby would help me so much! I could use it as a revolving gallery of my designs, it would be like taking an amazing photo album of my work everywhere I go. Not to mention how productive I could be, say waiting in doctors offices, at children's sports practices etc.
2. A new stool for my bench
Oh how my back needs this!!

3. A bench lathe polishing unit
You may be saying...WHAT?? Trust me, I need a new one of these...the ebay special I purchased years ago SPARKS when I use it. Just imagine, propane is near by. Nuff said.

4. A jump ring maker
I know, you're saying "WHAT?" again. Just trust me on this one! 

5. New Pliers
Oh the joy of NEW pliers that work well!

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