Tween Fashion. Teen Fashion. Mom over 40 Fashion. It's the whole package!

Tween Fashion. Teen Fashion. Mom over 40 Fashion. It's the whole package!
We haven't done family fashion for awhile.
Lazy? Perhaps.
Busy? Most definitely.
We rarely ALL "nail it", but when we do it warrants a post. And let's be honest…it makes my fashion tip Tuesday just that much easier!

These girls are my heart. I can't tell you how much fun it is having daughters! I only have one sister…and there is a huge age difference. We never got to grow up together. Share clothes. Fight. Giggle…ok, we have have had a cheese ball stuffing contest now and again…but you get the idea. So I am loving all aspects of hair and makeup and of course…fashion.
Spring is a tough season. One day is 75 degrees, the next in the 40's. The key is layering. It's time to embrace some elements of spring fashion, but you also need to be smart.

Tahlia, the ever fashionista, pulled out her summer sundress. Incredibly age appropriate and perfect for spring. She added a layering sweater for warmth. And the combat boots keep it seasonally appropriate. I love this look. And her hair? Maybe the curly hair gene passed down? Just maybe!
Anneke is such a classic cowgirl. She always oozes relaxed style with a girly edge. I love the layering denim. Light blue chambray denim is so hot now…it will take you right into summer months. And that belt? Seriously! The bling just makes it!
I also love her makeup. She's played up her eyes…but left the rest natural. I think for a young girl this is perfect, not over done. Find one feature. Accent it. You want red lips. Then JUST go with mascara…leave the rest. Hey, you only get to be "young and beautiful" once in life. Embrace it!
Isabel went all out girl this week. Tribal is still very big, and this is the perfect way to go tribal without looking too "native". I love the basic white tee. It keeps the outfit casual chic and easy going. She braided her hair last night - one of her best hair tricks…you can read more here. Then she lightly wand-ed it this morning. Again…effortless. LOVE!
And glasses? Glasses are "the thing". Too bad this was not the case when I was in high school! With her hair the oversized dark frames are perfect. School-girl chic.
Me? I've dying to wear this dress I bought in NOLA last fall. But living in Indiana it got too cold, too quick. Adding the vest and boots made it seasonally appropriate! Because I'm so tall I added a lace slip underneath for length…super awesome invention! And the boot socks in t-shirt material keep it spring-y…non winter!
I love the boho chick look…so of COURSE I'm a huge fan of lots of bracelets. Bring it on. I just so happen to know where to get them too! Imagine that! And I even decided that battling with my hair was too much work today…so I just "let it go". (try not to sing that line!)
I think one of the keys for mom over 40 fashion is watching your hemline and your neckline and knowing your style. When you wear what you love it's easy to "own it". But no longer is high above the knees or low cut super flattering. It just looks like you are trying to hard. That's why I'm such a fan of layering. I can still wear the clothes I love, but in a much more age appropriate way. Does that make sense?

It's time to put away your winter wear and ease into summer. Add layers. Use denim. And mostly…have fun!

Now, let me know your favorite go to spring style - just leave a comment. Or, have a question? Not sure if it's appropriate? Let me know!

Summer IS coming! Let's be ready!



dress OldNavy
sweater OldNavy
boots Zulily

jeans Levi
chambray OldNavy
belt straight up Nashville Tennessee!


dress boutique
boots Frye
boot socks Grace and Lace


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