We call him "BOB"

Bob is our iRobot ROOMBA. He was born in Nashville, and got to come home with us from Blissdom...thanks to my husband who won him - and Malia, who chose his name! **waves to Malia** And since I'm waving you might want to check our her blog...so fun.
Anyway, I digress.
After the long drive back to Grand Rapids, I took him out of the box and introduced him to the youngest girls. I asked what we should call him, and simultaneously they both said "BOB"! Perfect!
Bob, was shy at first. A bit timid to take on a house full of children and golden retrievers. But once charged, he was revved up and ready to go!
Who is Bob, and what is an iRobot? Well he is a vacuum..that does his job all by himself. You push a button and off he goes....bumping off furniture, scooting along baseboards, and boldly chasing dogs out of his path. He is the "pet version" and he goes after that long silky hair that is EVERYWHERE in my home with a vengence!
But look at them...yeah, it's worth it!
I am in love with Bob...he leaves those nice little tracks in my carpet that look like I've slaved all day vacuuming. He docks himself when he's done. He even travels under the dressers...really! Sure he gets stuck sometimes, but then he calls out to me in a *ahem* female voice {shhhh don't tell Bob he is a girl} but (s)he tells me to clean the brushes, or empty the bin...SERIOUSLY!
We have even teased Bob to see if he would leap off the stairs...but {s}he is smart! {S}he goes right up to the edge, senses it, and turns around. SHUT UP! {S}he is smarter than my kids sometimes.
The iRobot is a bit pricey, and I could not have afforded one if I {my husband} hadn't won one. But now that {s}he is here...I am thrilled. {S}he does a great job...{s}he works on his own...and {s}he makes me look good.
What more could you ask for?
UPDATE 8.2021 ---> Bob died within a year. My dogs had just too much hair! Wishing I had a newer version...because although the kids are gone, the dogs remain. Cheers Bob. It was great while it lasted!

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