Well hello Media Week

Well hello Media Week
Busy? Yes. Crazy? Slightly. Whirlwind? Most definitely!
Last week was all of the above and even more so. It seemed like Lisa Lehmann Designs was everywhere!
Grand Rapids Magazine is the "quintessential guidebook to the good life in Grand Rapids" that's their words...and I love them! This mag captures the flair of my creative city and has become a "source book" for the best this city has to offer. Imagine how thrilled I was to be featured!
Next up? FIELD TRIP! I know as a homeschool family we should probably be going to museums and exploring archaeological digs...but hey, I offer them behind the scenes of talk shows and the news! (and yes, we do "other" educational trips too.) Seriously, I love having my girls come with me and see the "workings" of a TV studio, it's fascinating!
Media Week in Grand Rapids, eightWest and Fox17
Our first stop last week was EightWest, a hip morning talk show that keeps Grand Rapids up to date. We were talking Valentines Day and Spring jewelry! So much fun! Rachael and Terri are a pleasure to spend time with, and the entire production staff was amazing to my girls. They got behind the scenes tours and even a chance to visit the "weather room". Thank you EightWest! We rounded out our week with a quick stop on the couch of the Fox 17 newsroom...another one of my favorite places to visit. Tim and Michele always make me feel at ease. We talked jewelry....and ball markers....you'll have to watch to see why! I am humbled and grateful for EACH and EVERY opportunity. To be able to share what I love with all of you? Well, it just doesn't get much better than that! xoxo, lisa

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