when life gives you more than you can handle

when life gives you more than you can handle
Life. It often gives us lemons, does it not? Forever we have heard the cliche'...
"when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."
It's a proverbial phrase. It's purpose is to encourage an "I can do it" sort of mentality when the going gets tough. Finding the sweet in a sour situation.
But what happens when you run out of lemonade?
I spent the weekend with my two oldest girls and a friend at an outdoor country music concert in Michigan. {{ Side note? We had a blast. }} Anyway....at one point I actually laughed out loud, and then hoped none of the 40,000 people around me noticed. After standing in line - not once, but twice - to refill my daughters fresh-squeezed-lemonade we arrived at the front of the line to be told, "I'm sorry, we are out of lemonade."
To me...THIS was funny.
Because in the last 9 months we have been pounded by lemons. I've been squeezing those things and mixing up batches of lemonade like crazy. If you can make it with a lemon, I've done it.
But what happens when you run out of lemonade?
That's kind of where I am right now.
Last summer our world turned upside down. Mid August we found out we were moving to Indiana. We moved within a couple weeks. We told the kids to pack for three months to live in a tiny rental home until we can find a home of our own.
New school. New friends. New church.
New. New. New. Lemon. Lemon. Lemon.
Ten months later.
We bought a home.
Lemon. We can't move into the end of July.
Lemon. We have to move out of our rental home this week.
Lemon. NEW rental home has no air conditioning. And no laundry facilities.
Seriously? I'm out of lemonade.
I've squeezed and squeezed...but there isn't a drop of lemon juice. I have nothing. Empty.
Right now nothing seems to matter but getting through these next 8 weeks.
Fifty-six days.
One-thousand-three-hundred-and-forty-four hours.
My brain is mush.
So please forgive me if the jewelry and the blogging gets a bit sporadic.
Eight weeks.
Will you stay with me?
Will you support me?
Will you be MY listening ear?
Do I dare ask YOU for encouragement?
And hey, if you have any ideas for dried up lemons I'd be all over it!
In the meantime, I'm going to go mix up the "we-are-on-a-new-adventure-Kool-Aid" for my family.
I DO believe there is a higher plan.
I DO have so much to be thankful for.
I DO know this is minor in the great scheme.
I don't even like lemonade any more.
So here is to the Kool-Aid. CHEERS!
love you to pieces,

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