Child of God Hebrew Ring

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A ring hand stamped in Hebrew with the text, "child of God".

The story behind this ring is best told on my blog. It is my story of depression. It is my story of strength.

I created this ring as a reminder of who I belong to. That my creator loves me. Even when I cannot love myself.

You can read the whole story here: depression-hebrew-and-a-new-ring

Product Details

  • sterling silver
  • 4mm wide / 1.5mm thick


Each piece is handcrafted in our Grand Haven, Michigan studio and may contain slight variances from the photos shown. These variances are part of the beauty of the design and allow each piece to slightly unique and one of a kind. They never take away from the integrity of the design!
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Customer Reviews

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Mark Little
Looks good, came in no damage to package

Looks good on my finger, looks good. Thank you

Most worn piece

I have many items from Lisa but this one ring rarely comes off my finger. My daughter also has one that she has beaten up from excess wear while lifting weights and Lisa recently cleaned it back up and it looks great!
I love the visual reminder that I am a daughter of the King.

A daily reminder of love

For a long time I lived with depression, of where my life had taken me, from circumstances, from a toxic person in my life. And although I had removed the person, and made all the right moves to better my life and myself it wasn’t until about 16 months ago that I finally remembered who I was, and half climbed, half was pulled out of the dark mental hole I learned to live in. This ring reminds me daily that I am loved beyond measure, that I belong to someone who loves me unconditionally, and calls me by my name, without whom I wouldn’t be here today, and for whom, while I may not publicly worship him in mans traditional sense, I live daily to honor and worship him. you can feel Lisa’s love and strength in ever ridge of this ring, feel Gods hand covering yours and saying My Child I am here and you are mine. For me this perfect piece of metal, shaped with the skilled hands of a master craftsman is a symbol of who I am, where I came from but where I refused to stay. Every ring has a story, what’s yours?