The Cruise Family Tom, Katie and Suri - yup it's true

The Cruise Family Tom, Katie and Suri - yup it's true
The Cruise family! Really? Do they have to be THAT beautiful? Geesh!
Recently I had the awesome opportunity to gift Tom, Katie and Suri a LLD original design. I was so honored to be chosen, and I immediately knew exactly what I was going to send to each of them!
This leather cuff is our most popular gift for men. Easily personalized, totally custom, rugged and cool. The feedback we receive on this design is incredible:
"the custom leather bracelet I ordered for my best friend / fiance arrived, and I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased I am of the piece. The quality, the design, it is just gorgeous!
More importantly, he really likes it as well! He put it on the minute I gave it to him, and he hasn't taken it off. It's the first bracelet I've ever seen him wear."
We decided to make it a family gift for the Cruise's. Tom and Katie share a secret code, the coordinates to a very special place. And Suri's code is unique to her as well. The girl bracelets wrap around the wrist three times with that gorgeous patterned of my favorites!
And just so you know...I think you are every bit as special as the Cruises'!
xoooxoxx, lisa

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