Fall Festival Fashion say that fast 3 times!

Fall Festival Fashion say that fast 3 times!
Fall is the season of apples and pumpkins and cider and FESTIVALS!
We have always enjoyed festival season...it's just a nice fun and FREE family activity! Did you ever notice when people write FREE they always capitalize the entire word? Or maybe that's just me!
The girls and I decided to head out to the Johnny Appleseed Festival last weekend. It was perfect day! And I SUPPOSE you COULD go in your workout clothes...but really, how fun would that be? This is the season of boots friend. Don't miss an opportunity!
Here's what I pulled together.
Jean jeggings...yes I said jeggings. Not super tight...very comfortable...and stay tucked in boots. Long lace shirt to cover butt (because leggings are not pants!). Campus boots and a great handbag. At the bottom of the post I'll give you details for each item and shopping alternatives!
Me and the girlies...and a fantastic photo bomb. Thank you Isabel!'
photo credit goes to Anneke.
Jeggings: mine are from Esprit
Lace shirt: mine came from Macy's a couple years ago,
Jewelry: all my own. still desperately in love with my long Journey necklace...now there is only 1 left!
Headband from Free People - again I have had it forever
Boots: Frye Campus Boots. Frye boots are an investment...but they are worth it. They wear well, they last forever.
Handbag: Vegan Leather from Urban Outfitters

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