Fashion - are you on trend? Maybe you should BE the trend.

Fashion - are you on trend? Maybe you should BE the trend.

What exactly does trend mean. Is it something we should follow? We hear the word all the time. Now trending. THIS is the latest trend. Quite frankly. It's a silly word.

A general direction in which something is developing or changing.
(esp. of geographical features) Bend or turn away in a specified direction.

When it comes to fashion....Are you on trend? Do you even know what that means? Do you have to be? Should you? What if you're not?

I have an idea. Let's throw the whole trend, trending, trendy idea out the window, shall we? What if you actually embraced what YOU like? That's what makes you happy isn't it? That's when you feel your very best, correct? THAT my friend, is what becoming a trend is all about. See how easy this is?

Now I'm not letting you off the hook for leggings everyday - especially leggings as pants. That, in fact, is NOT a trend. But I AM encouraging you to walk your own style path.

I do not follow trends. I pay attention to trends. I read about trends. I look at trends. But I don't follow them.

For instance. Driving home from the vet a couple weeks ago, I spied this little boutique. I shouted to my driver to turn in. Mind you, my driver was my 16 year old inexperienced driver.

  • A. You should never shout at a new driver.
  • B. You should expect him to not want to come inside said boutique.
  • C. You should hurry.

I did a quick survey of the store and immediately my eyes fell upon this sweater. Why? Because it reminded me of blankets my grandma and auntie and mother had crocheted...or knitted...I really don't know the difference. I play with fire...remember? Needless to say, it was a somewhat inspired-sentimental moment.

trends fashion style shoppingI made a fast decision and purchased this darlin' little multi colored crocheted vest thing. Back in the car...with "patiently" waiting 16 year old son...I had a bit of buyers remorse. Is it ugly? It does not fit into any trends I've read about. Will I actually wear it?

I decided to take it to Utah last weekend to a conference I was attending. With limited wardrobe options, I knew I would HAVE to {gulp} wear it. Now I'm nervous. What if people actually try to sniff me to see if I smell like moth balls, since I stole this from granny's cedar chest and all.

outfit ready for packing! see how organized I am!
But alas, that did NOT happen. boho sweater vest trend fashion I paired it with a simple tank...some skinny jeans...and open toe wedges (as seen in deluxe packing photo). Perfection...for me. And you know what? I felt amazing too!Instead, I was asked if I MADE this glorious design...again, remember I don't even know if it's knitted or crocheted. And then, shock of shock, people were asking to take pictures of IT (not me!) IT! And they were asking to reading my label - somewhat awkward but I did acquiesce. It was a hit! I created a trend. I was the trend. Why? Because I chose what spoke to ME!

Don't fear being on trend. Find a piece you love. Embrace it. Own it. BE the trend! What piece in your closet do you fear wearing? Or is there something you wanted to buy recently but you didn't know if it fit this seasons trends? Talk to me!

xoooxoxoxoxxo, lisa


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