Tornadoes. Oklahoma. Other people count. A lesson in humanity.

Tornadoes. Oklahoma. Other people count. A lesson in humanity.
Another morning dawns.
In the world of blogging I am "scheduled" to write about fashion. But how? How does one focus on trends and style when many in Oklahoma went to sleep last night with the only shirt they own on their back?
Devastation. Disaster.
My heart is heavy.
I slept with restless dreams of children being whirled away. Of heroic teachers desperately trying to save the ones in their care. Of husbands and wives. Brothers and sisters. Family. People.
I can't even imagine. I couldn't even begin to put myself in their shoes. Shoes? Do they even have any this morning?
So suddenly everything I create...everything I write about...everything that was so important and critical to me hours ago, seems so frivolous and cheap.
I have been unscathed. My family untouched. Left behind.
But the aftermath of devastation...I sit back and I see there is beauty in humanity
For all the selfishness and pride we exude. For all our seemingly disconnectedness. We pull together. And the best of humanity shines through.
There is HOPE.
So what do we do? What CAN we do?
Those of us that are maybe hundreds maybe thousands of miles away…can we do anything? Should we? What good are my tears if I do NOTHING? I can easily SAY my heart is broken. But action. I need action.
There are plenty of organizations and groups that are gathering together to offer support. If you know of any of them, find out what they need...whether that be items, or money or volunteers.
If you don't know who to connect with go to They need our help. They are already there in place with shelters. They are bringing food and supplies in all day today.
You can donate on the website or call 1.800.REDCROSS or even easier text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
And really, what is $10? Your lunch? A couple Starbucks? Step out of your comfort zone, if only for a moment, and put yourself in their place.
I believe we are called to come alongside those in need in whatever way we can. We need to take action. We need to show our children what it means to care for others.
And we do.
This is when the best of humanity steps forward. This is when I regain my faith in people. This is when love rules.
For me?
I believe it's being the "hands and feet of Jesus". Jesus.
The one who walked the earth and just.loved.people.
ALL people.
He is the perfect example. He exhausted himself helping others.
I won't exhaust myself texting in $10. In fact. It probably won't affect me at all. But it is taking action. It's something.
Will you shine as the best of humanity today?
~ lisa

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