10 Things about me Lisa Lehmann aka thebeadgirl you may not know

I JUST came home from a conference called BLISSDOM and it was a blast! I made new friends, spent quality time with "old" friends and learned so much. I am drained and rejuvenated at the same time. Is that possible?
But so many times people would yell "hey beadgirl" then say, "I'm so sorry, I can't remember your real name". It made me smile EVERY time! I love it. But let's clear things up!
Here is my "real" name and 10 things about Lisa Lehmann of Studio Jewel "thebeadgirl" that you may not know!
  1. I love coffee with my whole heart.
  2. I grew up in New Jersey in the 80's - nuff said.
  3. I am passionate about animals and considered being a veterinarian until I realized it was heavy on the science side of things!
  4. When I was little and didn't have anyone to play with, I would play Monopoly by myself - if you want to know how ask me. It was very systematic.
  5. I do not like having curly hair.
  6. I had a birth mark next to my nose. It was surgically removed when I was 14 so people would stop telling me I had a spot of chocolate milk on my face. :(
  7. I cannot speak in pig latin no matter how hard I try.
  8. I've had glasses since I was 4. But I spent a month in Greece NOT wearing them because I ripped my contacts and I was too vain to wear glasses near the "cute boy" in our group.
  9. I threw a javelin in college and was 3rd in the nation my junior year.
  10. I am scared of roller coasters.

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