Thankful Thursday - the snowday version

Week four of Thankful Thursday. An exercise in gratitude. A chance to be thankful.
I've heard (and tried) the idea of a gratitude journal. I LOVE the idea. You write down 3 things everyday that you are grateful for. But the task was daunting and became more of a burden that I wasn't so thankful for.
What if?
What if, on Thursday, you write down ONE thing you are grateful for from the past week. ONE THING. It doesn't have to be something huge. It doesn't have to be something with a huge WOW factor. But something YOU are grateful for.
I helps me to "say it". To write it down. Because at that point you have already spent time thinking about it, you actually will recall several things to be grateful for...but no huge pressure to categorize it into another "to do" thing.
So for this FOURTH Thursday of expressing gratitude and our second SNOWDAY in a row I am thankful for....
I know that seems like a cop out...a weak answer....typical. But you know what? I overlook and take my home for granted ALL the time. I complain about space, your fingerprints on walls, or no linen closet and bad storage options. How shallow of me!
I have a home that is not only beautiful, it is mine. It shelters me. It welcomes me. It gives my small people to call their make crafts...and blast music...and hang posters...and bounce balls of the walls {cringe}. But these four walls are more than a house, it is our house, our home...and I am grateful.
What are YOU grateful for today?

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