5 jewelry essential staple pieces every woman needs

We think about wardrobe essentials all the time. But what about jewelry? Quite frankly, that's all I think about. Jewelry. That is. But in reality...I design jewelry to fit into my essentials. What do I want to wear? I design pieces that are not only extremely wearable, but trendy and stylish and ones you will reach for over and over. Here are my choices for the top 5 jewelry essential pieces every woman should have. They make accessorizing a little bit easier and save you time! I promise! jewelry essentials staples
  • Simple everyday earrings. If you choose to wear nothing else - jewelry wise people...geesh....get your mind OUT of the gutter! - a pair of simple stud earrings will make you feel finished. You can wear these WHENEVER. And I mean whenever. Working out to black tie event. My choice? Currently these simple bar earrings. Truth? I never take them out. (NEW even skinnier bars and a 14 karat rose gold version coming soon!)
earrings, everyday earrings, essential jewelry
  • Bangle bracelets. Easy to wear. FUN to wear. They make noise, a personal favorite annoyance of mine. They look like you planned to wear jewelry. And they add flair. Typically I wear 5-10. Ok. Maybe that's overkill. But again, I make jewelry...therefore I WEAR jewelry...totally my excuse card. I love my copper bangles. They have interesting accents and as they patina they just get better. And of course sterling silver is a must. The combo produces a certain je ne sais quoi that I adore!
bangle bracelets studio jewel jewelry essentials
  • A leather wrap. Leather adds a very earthy vibe. I don't care how old you are. It says you are stylish and trendy. It says you are bold without being a screaming piece of jewelry. And it layers.so.well. Leather is more of a casual everyday piece. I never leave the house without at least one...maybe two...leather wrap bracelets. I have so many styles in my Etsy shop. This one remains one of my personal favorites, I love the sterling silver accent. Add a couple bangles to the same wrist. Instant style. (photo credit to one of my customers who wore this on her wedding day, including a set of my rings...I do love this photo!)
leather wrap bracelet
  • A personalized piece of jewelry. With the popularity in graphic tees in outlandish phrases, I'm here to say, personalized jewelry has been doing the same thing for years. Only better! Maybe you want to celebrate your marriage, your kids, your friendship, a significant other...maybe you are looking for inspiration. I like the simplicity of this chain bracelet with the small stamped sterling silver bar. It makes the perfect anniversary / wedding bracelet...but it also is perfect for your word of the year, or anything you need to motivate you. I made this one for my friend Audrey - she wears it every single day.
personalized jewelry chain bracelet
  • A ring. If you wear a wedding ring...that doesn't count. Something beyond your wedding ring. Something fun. Something playful. Something that makes a statement if that is your "thing", or something that just makes you happy. Again, I might be the extreme, but I wear more like 5-7 rings at a time. Ok, I get it, I'm the jewelry girl. But...there is one ring I always wear. My thumb ring. For one. My BFF have them as friendship rings. For two. It's incredibly fun to spin on my finger. For three. I just like wearing a thumb ring. You should too.
jewelry staple everyday jewelrty Honestly, I could go on and on. I haven't even spoken to you about necklaces yet. Oiy! That's a post in and of itself. But hopefully this will get you started! If you need a bit more incentive? Sign up for my newsletter. It's kind of fun. Never spammy...AND...you get a 25% off coupon JUST for saying you'll be my friend....I mean get my newsletter...friendship pending :)
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What are your favorite jewelry staples? What do you have to wear before you leave the house? Let me know. If it happens to be a piece of mine...post it! Tag it with #StudioJewelfav and you never know what might happen! Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Options? Endless! Love you much, lisa

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