80 years old never looked so good. Happy Birthday Mom.

80 years old never looked so good. Happy Birthday Mom.
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be 80 years old. Where will you be? What will you have accomplished? What will you look like?
Today my mom is 80! And 80 never looked so good!
I'm in this picture, can you tell? She's pregnant...the unexpected pregnancy...that was me! They always called me a bonus, not a mistake...I like that!
Basically I grew up an only child with siblings. It was weird, and sometimes lonely, but it did afford me a lot of time to really get to know my parents.
I spent a LOT of time with mom and her friends doing "lady stuff". Shopping, coffee, sewing class, trips to outlet malls, the grocery store. I went with mom. Everywhere! And dang, that woman was involved! She had tons of friends. She volunteered. She was always doing something.
But no matter what. When I came home from school. She was there. I never forgot that!
Being an "only" with parents ready to begin retirement, meant a lot of vacations (so not complaining). They were ready to do some traveling after 5 kids...who could blame them? Both my parents enjoyed historical locations, and growing up on the East Coast gave us plenty of options. I have great memories of Williamsburg, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and others. I truly enjoyed traveling with them!
But I do need to be honest, mom and I haven't always been "besties". We are very different from each other. My creativity comes from her...no doubt. But my personality is more my dad. Therefore the high school years (and many years following) had their "bits" of conflict. Who knew I could be so difficult? Yet she STILL came to every volleyball, basketball and softball game. That's commitment. (Did I mention how loud of a fan she was?)
And then there is the fact that I needed to mature...a little. And have kids of my own. Come on, isn't that how we all come to appreciate our mom's?
She was actually in the delivery room when my third baby was born. It was SO AWESOME having her there! Sharing that experience with your mom? Priceless!
And she has been super active in all my kids lives. They adore her. They definitely make fun of her. She worries a lot, and has a crazy New Jersey accent...but it's all endearing!
And she is equally committed to attending their sporting events as she was to mine. And if any of you follow me, you know how many of them there are!
This spring I had the privilege of going to Florida with my two youngest to visit Grandma and Pop-Pop at their condo. We had a blast! My mother never acts old. She plays. She interacts. She enjoys every second with her grandchildren...and me too!
So what will you be like at 80?
Will you be on Facebook? My mom is.
Will you text? My mom does. (she even uses slang texting!)
Will you embrace every single moment, and every single day? Will you love your Savior and give Him the credit for every single blessing in your life? Yeah, that's her.
If you want to catch up with her, you better move fast...because she is NOT slowing down for you. Hey, shoot her a text...or write on her wall. She is THAT hip!
Happy Birthday Mom. You are beautiful. You are inspiring. You are loved. Can I be you when I grow up? :)
Love, lisa

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