When the Pressure to Succeed is HIGH sometimes I want to hide

When the Pressure to Succeed is HIGH sometimes I want to hide
Pressure. Success. More.
It's hard sometimes. I want to succeed...then I wish it would all disappear. Do you ever wish the internet would just "go away"? That way I wouldn't know how well "everyone" else is doing. Then I wouldn't feel the weight of failure. Then I wouldn't know so much.
When you are building a business it's so easy to get weighed down by "everyone else". I am extremely guilty of playing that game. I forget to look at my successes, instead I focus on what I haven't achieved.
With the internet, you know everything. Who is talking to whom. Who is selling to whom. How much competition is loved. How popular "they" might be. It becomes more of a watching (and worrying) game.
So why do we watch?
What do we hope to gain by having all that info? For me it can be crippling.
When I started building my business 10 years ago, it was a slow climb. I was doing it for the joy of creating. Don't get me wrong, I still have the joy of creating...but now it's tainted with the push for success.
Ten years ago I would visit other jewelry artists websites, but I didn't "hear" them talking on Twitter. Ten years ago Etsy was not a frenzy. Ten years ago, Facebook? What is that?
Sometimes I don't think I'm cut out for all of this. I enjoy baking and cooking, playing outside, hikes in the woods, lazy evenings. But those days are gone. And it's my own fault. Instead I mull over what I should be doing. I worry about what to do next. I think about my next move.
Who am I?
I'm just processing today. Wondering what keeps me up a night. Wondering how this all plays out.
Am I losing my mind? Or do we all struggle with this as entrepreneurs? I'd love to know what you struggle with. Because I am watching!
~ lisa

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