Ask Lisa - Are your kids into fashion?

Ask Lisa - Are your kids into fashion?
I haven't done an "ask Lisa" in a quite awhile. Mostly, because I haven't felt up to it. And...some of you ask such good questions, that I realize DO need answering, but they will also take some thought and introspection. Not sure either of us is up for that!
When my small person came out of her room this morning dressed for school, I immediately thought about THIS question from Marta, "are you kids as into fashion as you are?". Her timing was perfect!
The answer is yes and no. We can leave my man child out of this, since although he always looks nice...I wouldn't say fashion is on his mind. However, he does SMELL good when he leaves for school!
My girls are clothes conscious and love to shop. Does this surprise you? They are often fashionable, and even ask me for my advice (sometimes). I do love that so!
But, it's my smallest person that takes the cake. She truly finds joy in putting together outfits. I think it's the artist in her...can't imagine where that comes from! :)
She is not afraid to embrace color. She is not afraid to wear tutu's to school. She rarely cares what other people think. And hardly ever does she consult with me.
Last summer Tahlia chose to chop off her hair (you can read about it here). She chose. Not me. It fits her spunky personality and suits her to a "T". Funny, because "T" is her nickname!
Today this is how she emerged from her bedroom.
Fully fashionable. And all too grown up.
I'd be concerned...but remember the tutu I mentioned? That was her outfit a couple days ago. Very age appropriate and fun.
What Tahlia has learned, that we can all take advice fashion IS fun. It's a way of self expression. It's a way of playing with color and texture. She doesn't worry about trends. She wears what makes her smile. (purple and pink always make her smile!)
That is what makes her truly fashionable.
1st day of school outfit
Thank you Marta for a perfectly timely question. And thank you Tahlia, for reminding me to embrace who I am! I do love you so!
And remember...embrace who YOU are!

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