Easy winter fashion statement - sweater dresses.

Easy winter fashion statement - sweater dresses.
Cozy, warm and infinitely stylish. Is it even possible?
Yes it is.
If you are looking for that ONE piece to get you through the winter, ONE piece that you can dress up or down. ONE piece that you will actually FEEL good in. Allow me to introduce you to the sweater dress.
It truly is your cold day solution that keeps you feeling "on trend". Perfect for Sunday brunch, and shopping with friends. Dinner date? No problem. Office meetings, it has you covered.
I love the versatility.
Ok fine...I really love the warmth. I'm always cold!!
Sweater dresses come in so many shapes and styles, it is easy to find one to fit your body type. A style that makes you feel beautiful and fabulous. And truly, that is what fashion is about. Because when you feel good about what you are wearing...you exude confidence.
I found this dress at H&M. I chose grey because I love the idea that I can "color it up" any way I choose depending on my mood and the occasion. And I love that it's not "clingy".
This is what I wore to church. Not too flashy. Tall boots - I love me some boots - a touch of color in the tights - a long necklace.
To change it up a bit. Why not a fun pair of ankle boots? Add some heavier tights in a monochrome tone - and a head band for sparkle!
You COULD throw on a leather jacket and some tennis shoes to change it up completely! Do you see the versatility of this one item in your closet? Do a little shopping, try things on...and don't be afraid of this piece. You will find yourself reaching for it over and over! It snowed in Indiana yesterday and we had a "thing" to go to last night. What did I choose? A sweater dress silly! You're really not paying attention! So tell me, is this something you will try? I'd love to know! p.s. you know that boy band One Direction :) well, today they released a new album! Tomorrow, I'm giving away THREE of my "Niall clover necklaces"! Make sure you come back and enter here!
xoxooxoooxoxxx lisa

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