Etsy Success making your craft your full time business

  1. How do you become successful on Etsy? How can I make my craft my full time job? I get asked these question ALL the time. So I thought I would share a couple pieces of advice. 1. QUIT! You have to quit what else you are doing full time. If this is what you really want to do, you need to take the plunge. You need to make your craft your number one priority. I know it's a risk, but that is what fuels being an entrepreneur.2. COMMITMENT. Quitting your day job and plunging takes commitment. You WILL sacrifice your time. You WILL sacrifice your freedom. get to do what you love. Just remember, it takes time to build a business. 3. SUPPORT. SURROUND yourself with supportive people. Here on Etsy, find a team, find a place you can go to ask questions...a place to vent...a place for feedback...a place to celebrate your wins. The people I have met on Etsy through my teams have become some of my very best friends. I rely on them...and they on me. It's a give / take relationship. 4. WORK IT! Retake your photos. Work on your tags. Rewrite your descriptions. Never think you can just remain static. 5. BE SOCIAL. Social media. Find a place you are comfortable spreading the good news about your items. Do you love Twitter? Develop relationships there first and then share your items. Do you love Facebook? Make a fan page and let them fall in love with you! Do you like to write? Then blog your passion. 6. CREATE. You have to spend time fueling your passion and making new items, or you will grow stagnant and your followers will grow bored. Take time each day to sketch, plan and make! Just do SOMETHING! Those are just a few of the tips I offer people when I'm asked. The biggest mistake I see is people thinking those that have made it, or those that are successful just got lucky. Pshaw! It.Takes.Work. But being in business for yourself and doing what you love? PRICELESS!
and never forget... you are so loved. xoxoxo, lisa

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