Fall Fashion Trends - Western Style Cowboy Boots

Fall Fashion Trends - Western Style Cowboy Boots
Let's face it. Boots are on trend. All the time. And no matter what your style or what your taste I guarantee there are a pair for you.
So why not really go for it?
Why not really embrace the trend with a bit of southern flair?
I don't care if you haven't so much as touched a horse in your lifetime. I don't care if the closest you get to country music is Florida Georgia Line's remix with Nelly. (if you don't know what that is...whew!) I don't care if line dancing makes you shudder. It doesn't matter.
A pair of cowboy boots will transform you. Trust me.
You don't have to be a country girl...or boy...to embrace the boots!
My newest addition? These...from CountryOutfitters.com.
Of course, I could have chosen ANY of these...like, serious SWOON!
"Super. Great. They're cute. But what am I suppose to wear them with?"
This is one question I hear all the time. Now really, it's not that hard! It's not like you need to grab a pair of daisy dukes! Come on people!
For me? I am super happy with a pair of good ole skinny jeans tucked into my boots. Want to give it a bit-o-flair? Try a sweet short dress or a denim skirt. And I hate to even say it...but I will...as long as you remember the number one rule. Say it with me...
"leggings are not pants."
But cowboy boots and leggings - with the proper length attire to cover thine buttocks - are super cute together.
Are you a guy? Wear them with your favorite jeans - NOT tucked in :) And you have it easy. A tshirt or a button down look equally amazing. Lucky guy.
Here are a few tips when you are ready to make your investment.
  1. Cowboy boots ARE an investment. Buy good ones. I'm a huge fan of Payless and Target when it comes to shoes. But cheap cowboy boots just end up looking cheap. Buy a good pair and you will have them forever. The older they get? The better they look!
  2. Shaft height? Shorter legs. Shorter shaft. 10" or less. Longer legs, you get to choose.
  3. Fancy or plain. This is a personality issue. I went for a pretty intense pattern...but no color. If you don't want to get too crazy, look into Frye boots (my other obsession). Harness boots may be the perfect precursor to something a bit more, shall we say, statement making. (see below.)
  4. Tuck them in, or wear them under? I think that's up to you. If you like skinny jeans and leggings, by all means tuck. But "real" cowhands wear them under their jeans, so you can't go wrong that way either.
  5. Size yourself correctly. You need to wear these babies with a decent pair of socks. If I'm wearing them with jeans, I wear pretty hefty socks. With a skirt or dress, heavier running socks. So make sure you try them on... and walk in them ... with the socks you will be wearing.
If you're looking to add something fun to your wardrobe that is "on trend" but not "trendy". Buy the boots. This trend will never disappear. And you will love them.
But once you DO embrace the boots, just know I am not responsible for your sudden urge for a pick up truck!

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