Favorite Thing for HIM Gillette Pro Glide Razor

Favorite Thing for HIM Gillette Pro Glide Razor
On Wednesday's I like to tell you about something I have fallen in love with. Something I have decided - for the moment - I cannot live without. These posts are always written from my heart. Not because someone has asked me to. Not because someone has paid me to. But because I want to share my favorite finds with you!
Today, I called upon my son - or man-child - as I like to call him. Senior in high school. 18 years old. Clever. Funny. And typically not very excited about anything unless it involves baseball, or his favorite person...Jenna.
So imagine my delight when he got very excited about something that came in the mail for him! Gillette was clever enough to acknowledge his "coming of age" aka his 18th birthday with a new razor. It was the clever packaging and marketing that drew him in...and the product that sealed the deal. I mean what kid immediately goes and shaves as soon as he comes home from school? Anyway...I give you Noah....
Well, it’s time for my first annual "favorite things post". My mom was in a pinch and didn’t have anything to write about, so she called on me. Ha. Not sure what she was thinking. But here it goes…
I pondered many a night, tossing and turning amidst crumpled sheets, digging deep to find a favorite thing. It was tough, but I finally found something during a dark stormy slumber. I decided that I just really love my razor.
Now, I only got it in the mail today, but it IS simply splendid. TheGillette Fusion Proglide Silvertouch was a gift from Mr. Gillette himself for my 18th birthday. What an honor! And what a great gift!
For a long time, I’ve used an old electric razor that, well, sucks. It’s impossible to get a smooth shave, so I was ready for something new. Lo and behold I got my wish.
I used the razor as soon as I opened it, and I was blown away. It was such a smooth and clean shave that I couldn’t even believe it was MY face. The razor itself is made of metal, so just in case you’re shaving and somebody tries to rob your house, you can just throw your razor at them and knock 'em cold! But really, it provides excellent balance for your hands.
The package that the razor came in was very comical. According to Gillette, by using this wonderful razor, I’m setting myself up for 44% more lipstick stains, 71% more double takes, 27% less need for pickup lines, and the such. Hmmm… I don’t know about that, but I do know somebody who will like a smooth face!
Overall, this razor is a great product, and I’m really excited to use it in the future times of facial hair dilemmas.
Peace out and shave responsibly. ~ Noah

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