Growing Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers
I have a latent desire to be a master gardener. I never will be.
I love the idea of growing things...but I just don't have the time or the knowledge. But, I love fresh fruit and veggies, so I shop at a farmers market and I belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture). These things fill my need to be green.
Week one of the CSA, we came home with a cucumber plant. It sat around for a couple weeks on my counter and I thought I should probably plant it. I had enough potting soil to fill ONE pot, so I recklessly put my little plant in the pot, offered it some water and walked away. I had little hope for it's survival.
But there was a bit of a miracle.
It began to grow. It wasn't the growing that amazed me so much as the little tendrils it sent out looking for support. It knew it needed something to hold onto. It knew it could not grow without something to hold it up. How did it know that?
I frantically looked for something to support my cucumber, then I not-so-gracefully shoved a metal rod in the pot. I stood the vine up, propped it against a column, then I touched one of the tendrils to the metal rod. I went inside.
Literally, a half an hour later I came back to check on my plant - don't judge, I was concerned - and I found this.
forgive the bad cell phone picture!
Did you know cucumber tendrils are touch sensitive? They respond touch. Seriously! Then the grab on. They know they need to hang on to something solid. They know they have great potential to grow. They know they need help. (insert God is so cool smile here)
again...cell phone!
There are so many analogies I could make here. But you are smart people. You are, right?
Just know. No matter how talented and capable you cannot go it alone. You must have someone, something to support you. Whether in life, or in business.
Like the cucumber, you need to be able to reach out. You need to be able to grab on. You need to know that someones got your back. Then you will have complete freedom to climb!
this is my little plant today...3 weeks later.
Who are you grabbing onto today? What are your tendrils reaching for? Do you have the support you need? If not...find it. Ask. Ask me.
You are so very loved...please know that.

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