Introvert / Extrovert can you be both?

lisa lehmann

Posted on July 19 2021

I wrote the blog post below in 2014. SEVEN years ago. Back then. You know. When I still wrote regularly.

Don’t worry I’m giving myself a LOOK!


Ten signs you may really be an introvert but PLAY an extrovert online.

Are you an introvert? Do you pretend to be an extrovert in your online life. Here are ten ways to prove this might be true.
1. The most interaction you get with people during the day is through your Instagram and Facebook account.
2. You begin to think LOL is really you laughing out loud…when all you ever do is type it.

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I find it funny to read and only slightly relevant.

I have begun to find my voice

I think in the last 7 years, I have begun to find my voice. Not my writing voice, not the voice in my head. The one that exists iout loud. The more confident I have become in myself, the easier it is to be confident with others.

Seven years ago I was lost and very insecure. I knew who I wanted to be. I knew who the girl inside was. But I had NO clue on how to get to her.

After much introspection. A LOT of therapy. Life changes. Entering my 50’s. And practice I finally feel like I’m not just playing an extrovert, I enjoy it!

Do not get me wrong. I am still 100% an introvert. I love being alone. I love quiet. I don’t need busy. I recharge in the peaceful moments. But I am no longer fearful of being with people or speaking in front of people, or of just being me. I love it. I am comfortable there. And dare say I? I enjoy it.

My advice to you? Don’t waste another moment being afraid of who you are. Do not hide your glorious self. You are a beautiful creation. You have a purpose. You are meant for greatness. Even if that purpose and greatness is with a few people in a small space…THAT matters. YOU matter.

Don’t waste another moment being afraid of who you are.

Thanks for loving me for me. And allowing me to find my outside voice.
(Also? I still hate answering the phone. Some things never change ?)
I love you!
xoxoxo, lisa

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