it really is just about the coffee in your Keurig

strongest keurig coffee pods
Confession. Coffee. It's an obsession of mine. I'm sure if coffee was a love language, it would be top on my list. I wake up thinking about coffee. I can't wait to have coffee later on in the morning. I pass a coffee shop and I wonder, "do I need more coffee?". I'm also a bit of a coffee snob. I love my coffee rich and dark and strong. I love a french press. I like my coffee black. Or as Brian Regan would say blackety black. If you don't get the reference...stick around...I'll add the video below. is my reality. My coffee pot broke a year ago. I live in a rental home without a tea kettle to boil water. I drink Keurig coffee. Yeah. I know. Yuck. I have tried every.single.brand of Keurig coffee pods out there in search of a good cup of coffee. I stuck with Starbucks, because it did have the richest flavor. But. I still didn't truly ENJOY my coffee. Until now. I've found it! No. Really. I've found it. Thank you Coffee People - yes that is their name - for salvaging my mornings once again. They have two coffees I'm currently in love with. Jet Fuel - need I say more? And Black Tiger - rawr! If you click my links you can purchase a combination box of each via Amazon for about $35. for 48 pods / 24 pods of each kind. That's about $.73 for your cup of coffee. Not too shabby! And worth it! I've found the strongest coffee pods for my Keurig! Finally! Qualifier. It is NOT french press coffee. However, if you are using a Keurig there are certain sacrifices you have to make. Right? That being said...the Coffee People are on to something here. Don't believe me? Fine. Have a better solution. Double fine. I'm just telling you - from one coffee lover to another - the Coffee People get me. I mean really get me. And as long as someone is willing to put that rich, dark, sultry, caffeine packed substance in my cup in the morning with a push of a button. I'm good. Need a laugh. Watch this text animation of the Brian Regan skit about black coffee. One of my favorites. And if you are free later? Wanna grab a cup of coffee? xoxooxo, lisa

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