Mother's Day recap and My Accessories

Mother's Day recap and My Accessories
It's a Monday. I always approach Monday's with a bit of bittersweet. I love the idea of conquering the week ahead...yet I dread my "to do" a bit too much.
This week has an extra dose of "bitter". I'm supposed to be somewhere I am not...and there is a definite ache in my heart, wondering if I made the "right" decision. I know, you're thinking, "well that was vague", you'll just have to trust me, and then send a virtual {hug} my way.
As most of you know Mother's Day was yesterday, and it was fantastic! My kids made me an unbelievable breakfast in bed - then we had a picnic in the park along with a hike! My gift? They bought me exactly what I wanted...a KAYAK! Yay! I've been scouring Craig's List for months, but I missed this one and my husband found it! WIN!
I hope all you moms out there enjoyed your special day...and for those of you I was able to be the creator of your gift...I thank you for the privilege! So how did I accessorize for Mother's Day? For church...I wore my favorite necklace, simple earrings, and a few bangles. The earrings even stayed on for the hike!
The long modern necklace you can find it HERE in my Etsy Shop!
Simple circle earrings...easy to wear...pretty to look at! You can find them HERE! one at a time. Copper bangle to be listed soon!

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