My Completely Narcissistic Top Ten List

My Completely Narcissistic Top Ten List
Do you ever have your "if only" moments? When you dream. Plan. Scheme. Wish?
Well, if I could have anything I wanted...right here...right now....this is what I would desire.
Before you get all weird on me, this is just for total fun. Completely selfish. Narcissism at its finest!
  1. Horses.
  2. Chickens
  3. A garden.
  4. Minions. Ok, more employees, but minions sounds more fun, especially if they are cute and yellow!
  5. Acres and acres of land.
  6. A farmhouse style studio with big windows on those acres of land overlooking my horses.
  7. A cleaning lady.
  8. Double ovens.
  9. A pick up truck. With a giant bed!
  10. Perfectly manicured hands.
What would you wish for?
From ten23designs on Etsy of course!

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