Pallet Coffee Table. Reclaimed Wood. My new favorite thing.

Pallet Coffee Table. Reclaimed Wood. My new favorite thing.
Pallet furniture and reclaimed wood. Buzz words for sure. But in my living room? Part of my own personal home decor? Don't get me wrong, I love the look. I love the trend. Shoot, I even have a pallet in my garage that I {ahem} "borrowed" from an abandoned lot with great aspirations (honey, I really AM going to make something out of it!). But still, I wasn't sure it would ever fit with my existing pieces.

Let's just write this down for the record. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Backing up. I met Lisa White several years ago when she designed my website. If you haven't been to my site to buy my jewelry look at the design then you are missing out. Just click here and go. I love it. More importantly, I loved working with Lisa. Creative. Fun. Spunky. So even years later I was following her…her business….her life. When she started talking about a new furniture line, my ears perked up. Yonder Years. What I love is that it's an awesome furniture line, but it's also a love story - geesh, I'm a sucker for a good love story. They tell it better…here's what they say about Yonder Years.

A Love Story of Two People + Reclaimed Wood - We create furniture and home decor made from reclaimed and upcycled pallet wood and other materials.
A Love Story of Two People + Reclaimed Wood
Our little shop is a love story of sorts, started by two people that found each other at exactly the point in their lives when they needed to. Call it kismet, destiny, love at first sight, a little bit of luck -- whatever it was, it was just meant to be! Yes, cue cheesy lovesong music now!

We found that we both had a love of old rustic things (especially pallet wood)...and with my (Lisa) marketing creativity and Daniel's awesome ideas and building skills...Yonder Years was born.

We love searching high and low for perfectly weathered pallet wood and rusty old vintage finds. It is what we use as our canvas for everything you see, which is thought up and crafted in our home-based shop.
My table. I had to have my own table to claim it as my favorite thing right? Since I follow Lisa on all social media I saw they were having a contest - kind of a business introduction of sorts. I rarely enter contests…because let's face it…I rarely win ANYthing. Long story short. Bada Bing. Bada Boom. I won! I may have freaked out. A little. With reserve. Still keeping my cool. Ok lying. I was totally geeked!
Daniel worked with me to get my table just perfect for the room we wanted to place it. He worked with me on the finishes. He really cared about MY table. Pictures will never do it justice…it's absolutely stunning. I could not love it more. Even my teenagers got excited about it - think about it, teenagers? Furniture? It must be cool.
Please excuse the ping pong balls…cords…messy cushions…etc. This is our downstairs family room…aka kids domain and workout area. Need I say more?
Now we know we need, want, desire matching side tables. And every time I go to their website I find something else to add to my list. Daniels work is impeccable. I worried about a pallet having rough edges or unfinished corners. He has taken painstaking care of everything. While retaining the charm of the "reclaimed" and "rough" it is a beautiful very finished piece of furniture. He also knew I had teens and reassured me that it is well protected. What a guy!

Go check them out, tell me your favorite piece I'd love to know what YOU love. And please support this couple on their new adventure together! They are offering my readers a 10% discount on your order using the code CHIVE - just make sure you tell them I sent you. I know you won't be disappointed! I promise!

Yes, I won a table…but they NEVER asked me to write about it. I just love it so much it had to make my list of favorite things. And now that you have seen it yourself…I'm sure you agree!

Now about that pallet in my garage. Hmmm…off to Pinterest I go….



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